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The Living Arts Club
981 Grove #119
Thorofare, NJ 08086

Phone: 856-384-6582


2016-2017 Living Arts Trip Schedule

October 22 – Longwood Gardens – A double header. There is never a bad time to go to Longwood, but we have planned this trip to enjoy their most intensively cultivated display: The Chrysanthemum Festival, featuring more than 16,000 chrysanthemums, which have been nurtured and trained by horticulture experts to resemble clouds, balls, spirals, columns, pagodas, and even a fountain of cascading fall blooms. It is a stunning, joyful, and quite an astounding show. But that’s not all. In the evening, we will be experiencing their Nightscape: A Light and Sound Experience. This nighttime adventure creates a magical landscape, transformed by light, movement, color and original music. I went several times last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it. For those who saw Nightscape last year, this is a new version. Bus leaves the Deptford Municipal Building at 3:30pm, and will return around 9:30pm. Café dining on your own at Longwood. Cost of $52 includes admission to the Gardens, Nightscape, and bus fare.
Closing Date: October 7.

November 5 – Metropolitan Museum of Art/Guggenheim Museum. Always a treat. We can never run out of gorgeous displays to visit, in either Museum. The Bus will drop off first at Guggenheim. On our return, please walk to the Met to be picked up. Please let me know if you are going to the Guggenheim. Cost: Guggenheim first; pay what you wish at Met: bus only: $57. Both museums require 10 people for group fee. Going directly to the Metropolitan, cost: $72. (Bus + $15 group fee for the Met). Guggenheim group fee $12; $18 regular admission. Let me know your preference. Bus leaves 8:00AM; returns 7:30PM.
Closing Date – October 10.

April 29 – Masonic Temple and Isaiah’s Magic Garden. We will have a 10:00AM tour of the Masonic Temple, which is a stunning example of workmanship. Then to South Philadelphia, where you can have lunch on your own at Whole Foods, which is across the way from Isaiah’s Magic Garden which is an absolute wonderland of mosaics .. fabulous colors, shapes, creativity at its wildest! We will have a tour there, too. Cost: $47 all inclusive, except for lunch. Bus leaves 9:15 returns 4:15.
Closing Date: April 18.

May 20 – Woodmere Museum and Morris Arboretum. We will arrive for a tour at the Woodmere, which has a collection of paintings, prints, sculpture and photographs focusing on artists from the Delaware Valley. From there, we will go to the Morris Arboretum, for a box lunch and tour. The Arboretum is beautiful, as is the Woodmere. Both are in Chestnut Hill. Cost: $55, all inclusive. Bus leaves 10:00am, returns 5:00.
Closing Date: May 1.

Bus leaves from The Deptford Municipal Building, 1011 Cooper Street, Deptford. Please arrive 15 minutes before departure time.

Checks made payable to: The Township of Deptford.

Mail to: The Living Arts Club, 981 Grove Road, #119, Thorofare, NJ 08086.

Please, a separate check for each trip. But you and your friend(s) can if you wish, combine in one check per trip.

Sorry, no refunds after the closing date.

Have a great time...single travelers welcome .. we are a friendly group, and you will be warmly welcomed.

Images by Jamie Wyeth